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Silent Audio Servers - Gaming PC

HeatSync 7000 Case

3500 Heatsink Case

HeatSync 7000 Case

Our highest-performance, silent computer enclosure featuring state-of-the-art heat pipe cooling technology for quiet operation in gaming computers.

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Heatsink 3500 Case

CNC machined aluminum Heatsink Case is a beautiful compact air-cooled computer for gaming, video recording, and low-noise audio servers.

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HeatSync 2500 Mini-Client

HeatSync Mini-Client 2500

Built for silent audio servers, our low profile, high-performance Mini-Client case is a work of art. Passive cooling for Intel processors and PCIe video cards.

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HeatSync Micro-Client 300

Ultra compact silent PC enclose for small audio servers Playback DVD and Blu-Ray with the integrated Intel Core i7 processor and low-noise power supply.

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