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Antenna Testing Information


07/07/02 Antenna Stacking Test - ATF-X300 Precision Antenna for Stacking
06/14/02 Antenna Combiner Test - Winegard, Channel Master, Labgear
03/29/02 Horizontal Stacking - Comparing the JBX21WB, JBX14WB, and JBX08WB
03/26/02 Horizontal Stacking - JBX08WB
03/25/02 Horizontal Stacking - JBX14WB
03/07/02 Horizontal Stacking - new test location Pacific Palisades, CA
03/03/02 Horizontal vs. Vertical Stacking Test
02/15/02 Horizontal Stacking - JBX21WB
02/11/02 Long Range Antenna Test-  1046Pro, DY28A, JBX21WB, JBX21C/D, ATF-X200
02/04/02 HD Digital Tuners- Dish6000 vs. Samsung SIR-T150
01/20/02 JBX21 C/D - Coax Baluns, PCB Baluns, Low Noise Amp
01/08/02 Mt. Wilson Shootout - JBX21WB vs. JBX21C/D
12/08/01 JBX21WB, DY28A, 1046, 4248, ATF-X100
08/05/01 JBX21WB vs. ATF-X100
05/13/01 4248 vs. JBX21WB
04/24/01 4221, 4228, 4248, 4251, 3017, 9095, 8800
04/17/01 4248, 4251, 3017, 9095, 8800

Testing conditions and equipment

For antenna discussions, see this thread on the AVS forum:

OTA antenna info, Mt. Wilson foothill area with severe multipath

Antenna FAQ's

Antenna Stuff

New... ATF-V5000 Compact Precision Tilter ...Coming Soon!
ATF-V300 Vertical Tilter ATF-V200 Economy Tilter ATF-V100 Compact Vertical Tilter Custom Antenna Mounting Brackets

Precision Tilter

  Economy Tilter

Compact Tilter

Tilting Brackets

ATF-X300 Precision Antenna Dual Antenna Boom for Horizontal Stacking RG11 Coax and Fittings Phasing Harnesses
ATF-X300 Dual Antenna Boom RG-11 Coax Phasing Harnesses

Coaxial Cables

UHF Antennas Tested




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