Mass-Storage 4x Drive Enclosure
Mass-Storage 4x

The Mass-Storage 4x is a compact high performance silent hard drive enclosure which holds four 3.5" SATA hard drives. Ridged construction cancels noise from vibration and the isolated inner chassis transfers heat by radiation to outer shell dispersing heat throughout the entire case.

Options Include:

  • Mounting for four (4) 3.5" hard disk drives
  • Direct connect with SAS cable to host computer
  • 1U one-piece rack mount faceplate
  • Machined aluminum case feet

Hand-crafted 100% in the USA from the finest materials and manufacturing processes available. Each part is precision machined from aluminum for not only outstanding looks, but to increase the cooling capabilities by dispersing heat throughout the entire case.


  • Fanless External AC-DC power adapter
  • CNC machined from heat-treated aircraft quality aluminum
  • Hand-polished black anodized finish
  • Optional 1U one-piece 19" rack mount faceplate
  • Dimensions - 17.5" wide x 11" deep x 1.75" high
Mass-Storage 4x

High Performance Design

The Mass-Storage 4x was designed from the ground up to be an extremely efficient, high-performance chassis with integrated solid-state HeatSync cooling system. No compromises were made for performance, creating a powerful system in a small low-profile package.

Mass-Storage 4x

Craftsmanship and Detail

Unsurpassed attention to detail is seen all throughout our cases. Each panel goes through several finishing procedures with the final step being a hand-sanded finish transforming it into a piece of mechanical art. Each part is carefully designed for form and function, creating a beautiful entertainment PC enclosure that is at home even next to the finest audiophile components.

Mass-Storage 4x

Large Cooling Suface Area

Inside the outer case shell is the isolated inner chassis which holds the hard drives. The inner chassis is held very close to the outer case shell only making contact at the four isolation pads. With just a thin gap between the opposing inner and outer plates, heat is transmitted by radiation to the outer shell without any mechanical contact.

Mass-Storage 4x

Easy Servicing

Internally, the computer components and cabling are well laid out for even heat distribution and simple servicing. The simple back panel allows for quick and easy connection to your external components.

Mass-Storage 4x

Hard Drive Isolation Module

The four 3.5" hard drives are contained within the heavy inner chassis. The aluminum inner chassis assembly forms a stiff structure which acts as a large heatsink to absorb heat from the drives.

Mass-Storage 4x

Isolation Pads Absorb Vibration

The heavy inner chassis floats on small isolation pads to dampen vibrations from the drives. With isolation pads on both sides of the chassis, the inner assembly can float within the outer case shell. This is much more effective than just isolating the drives by themselves. But more importantly, this system allows heat to be transferred away from the drives.

Mass-Storage 4x

Please contact us for pricing

All systems are build to order. We design the cooling system specifically for each application, we do not compromise on performance. We can provide a full turn-key solution or we can supply a bare-bones unit for the customer to complete. Let us know what you intend to use the system for and we can design a custom solution to meet your needs.
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