HeatSync Mini-Client 2500
HeatSync 2500

The HeatSync 2500 Mini-Client is our low-profile silent computer enclosure. The high mass of our chassis design increases thermal capacity to allow running powerful processors and motherboards. Fits full-size PCIe cards with passive cooling systems custom designed for each card.

Options Include:

  • 90 watt HeatSync Cooling System for processor
  • 25 watt HeatSync Cooling System for motherboard chipset
  • 50 watt HeatSync Cooling System for video card
  • USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 front panel port
  • Secondary 2.5" HDD mounting, up to 8 drives
  • 2U one-piece rack mount faceplate
  • Machined aluminum case feet

Hand-crafted 100% in the USA from the finest materials and manufacturing processes available. Each part is precision machined from aluminum for not only outstanding looks, but to increase the cooling capabilities by dispersing heat throughout the entire case.


  • Passively Cooled Design - No Noise!
  • CNC machined from heat-treated aircraft quality aluminum
  • Full height PCI-E card slot for tuner card or RAID adapter
  • Fanless internal high efficiency DC-DC converter
  • Fanless External AC power adapter
  • Standard black anodized finish on chassis
  • Dimensions - 17.5" wide x 13" deep x 2.5" high
HeatSync 2500

High Performance Design

The HeatSync 2500 Mini-Client was designed from the ground up to be an extremely efficient, high-performance chassis with integrated solid-state HeatSync cooling system. No compromises were made for performance, creating a powerful system in a small low-profile package.

HeatSync 2500

Craftsmanship and Detail

Unsurpassed attention to detail is seen all throughout our cases. Each panel goes through several finishing procedures with the final step being a hand-sanded finish transforming it into a piece of mechanical art. Each part is carefully designed for form and function, creating a beautiful entertainment PC enclosure that is at home even next to the finest audiophile components.

HeatSync 2500

Massive Cooling Fins

Completely fanless, the massive heatsinks have the task of dissipating the system heat and to do it quickly. By controlling the size and spacing of the fins, we can maximize cooling performance and capacity allowing you to run higher power processors at lower temperatures which increases reliability.

HeatSync 2500

Easy Servicing

Internally, the computer components and cabling are well laid out for even heat distribution and simple servicing. The simple back panel allows for quick and easy connection to your external components.

HeatSync 2500

HeatSync CPU Cooling System

Designed specifically for each application, the highly efficient HeatSync CPU cooling system transfers heat directly into chassis. With no fans required to cool the processor or chipset, there are no moving parts or air-flow related dust build-up issues. The solid-state system will be extremely reliable for years of unattended use requiring no maintenance.

HeatSync 2500

Custom Adapter Card Installations

A 1/2 height PCIe card slot is provided in the rear panel for adding expansion cards such as a TV tuner, Audio, or RAID card. We can also custom design a cooling system for any card allowing you to have a fully passive and reliable system.

HeatSync 2500

Please contact us for pricing

All systems are build to order. We design the cooling system specifically for each application, we do not compromise on performance. We can provide a full turn-key solution or we can supply a bare-bones unit for the customer to complete. Let us know what you intend to use the system for and we can design a custom solution to meet your needs.
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